About Our Logo

The Prince Albert Model Forest Logo was designed by Willard Ahenakew, a noted Plains Cree artist from the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation. Willard resides in the Prince Albert area. The symbolism of the logo represents the philosophy involved in the Prince Albert Model Forest. The red maple leaf represents a nation wide program, the Government of Canada and provincial governments. The green base of stylized trees represents the forest ecosystem within the Prince Albert Model Forest. The yellow cogwheel symbolizes industrial involvement and it also symbolizes the rising sun of a new era of integrated management within the partnership of the Prince Albert Model Forest. The eagle and the First Nations ceremonial pipe are the focal points of the design. In the design, the eagle is the representative of all wildlife. The eagle is celebrated as a creature of vision, power, and grace by First Nations. In the design, the eagle, is delivering a First Nations ceremonial pipe to give organizational strength to the Prince Albert Model Forest Partnership. The pipe is a sacred object of First Nations; in the design it represents the joining together in friendships and cooperation between First Nations and Non-First Nations. Traditionally, a ceremonial pipe would be smoked by First Nations to send the smoke up to the Creator to seek his blessing to seal a covenant. First Nations traditionally practiced that once the Creator sealed a covenant, they could never go back on their word and break it.