Stewards for the Land Program

Empowering the next generation of resource management professionals to take charge in their communities. “Don’t underestimate your stories, and tell them proudly.” This is the message that Gord Vaadeland, executive director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Saskatchewan (CPAWS-SK) had to impart upon 31 young people from First Nations communities across Saskatchewan this March.

Grassroots Stewardship – Best Practices

One of the Prince Albert Model Forest’s joint projects with the University of Saskatchewan’s Community Engaged History Collaboratorium this summer was the authorship of a best practices handbook for use by government, industry, academia, and any other interested third party who wishes to interact with an Indigenous community for research or land-use planning. Follow this

Community Engaged History

Prince Albert Model Forest is, first and foremost, about bringing communities together. We work hard to connect people to each other and build the bridges that are necessary to achieve common goals. Often, those goals are related to land management, sustainability, and environmental recovery, restoration, and conservation. The community partners may change, but those things