You may recall last year’s partnership between Prince Albert Model Forest and the University of Saskatchewan’s History Collaboratorium– a collaboration that ended in the authorship of this best practices handbook. 

We are delighted to announce the start of another partnership with the History Collab, and to introduce you to this year’s summer student!

“My name is Aidan Wickenhauser and am currently in the midst of completing a degree in Psychology, with a minor in Ethics, Justice, and Law. I have always possessed a passion for nature, spending every possible second outdoors. Camping, canoeing, and hiking are some of my favourite pastimes, but when those aren’t available, you’ll often find me playing piano or reading a book.

This summer, I will be working under the U of S History department, in conjunction with Prince Albert Model Forest and the Prince Albert Grand Council. During this time, I will be aiding in the development of a protocol document, outlining the proper procedure required when an individual or organization wishes to do research with the Indigenous communities of Northern Saskatchewan.

This work is important for many reasons. The formation of a protocol document will be an crucial step for Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan for obtaining increased self-determination through the control and maintenance of cultural knowledge that is shared about a Community. The collaboration between the different organizations involved in this project will also contribute to the reconciliation project. Further, in a time when climate change dialogue is mainstream, the utilization of a protocol document will highlight the need for Indigenous perspectives  within the sustainability and care of the environment.”
We’re looking forward to working with you this summer, Aidan!

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